Benefits of Kettlebell Workout Routines

Kettlebells are getting to be a very popular tool of choice inside the fitness circle lately, and for once it is an improvement that is properly warranted. There are plenty of advantages of training with kettlebells, and making use of them will add significantly to any exercise routine.

Regularly doing exercises with kettlebells has the benefits listed below:

1. Enhanced grip strength

While there are a few kettlebell exercises that don’t demand securely holding the bell, these are in the minority. Kettlebells are most useful for doing compound exercises, often with high speed, like swings, snatches, and cleans. Due to the high velocity involved, these exercises call for gripping the bell very tightly. If a strong, appropriate grip isn’t used, there is going to be holes in walls or broken bones at some point in the future.

Regularly performing kettlebell workouts is going to do wonders for grip strength, which has been highly linked to a long life (source). Note of course that grip strength is highly correlated with overall muscular strength: performing wrist curls and isolated grip exercises alone won’t do much to extend life expectancy. However, kettlebells don’t solely develop great grip strength: they’re an excellent option for building overall body strength and power too. There’s one region on the body that kettlebells develop quite well, and that is the subject matter of the next benefit.

2. Improved posterior chain strength (and aesthetic appeal)

Kettlebell swings are the king here, but any movement that actively makes use of the hips will have glorious effects on one’s posterior chain strength, function, and aesthetic appeal. Defined hamstrings and glutes look good on almost anyone, and when they look good it’s likely that they’re powerful also. Not only can a stronger posterior chain help a person move better, sprint faster, jump higher and look better, it is also among the best ways to avoid knee and lower back soreness.

Knee and back pain is commonly created from either insufficient strength in the hamstrings and/or glutes or from excessively tight hip flexors. The explosive kettlebell exercises like swings and snatches are perfect for fixing both those issues.

3. Effective fat loss

Kettlebell workouts are effective at pushing the heart rate up, along with being an excellent strength stimulus. The two of these combined help make kettlebells an exceptionally powerful fat loss tool. Hour-long workout sessions definitely aren’t needed to get these benefits. Most of the time a quick 10 minute workout is plenty.

4. Convenience

Unlike barbell sets, kettlebells are not too difficult to travel with. While I don’t recommend taking them on an airplane, they are well suited to take on a road trip or to a recreation area. Power racks and various other different kinds of special accessories aren’t necessary either: all that’s needed would be the kettlebell as well as a surface to stand on. With those two elements present, an excellent, time-efficient, fat-loss and strength-building training session is simple to perform (but is not necessarily easy!).

Kettlebells aren’t magic, but their numerous advantages make them a great component to any kind of weight loss routine. Start working with them regularly and it will surely become clear why they’ve gotten to be so popular in the fitness industry: they deliver results!