Buying Tips When Searching For Pedometers For Sale

There are lots of various models of pedometers for sale. Some are excellent and represent great value for money while others cost more than they should and will not add much to your workouts.

Primarily, a pedometer is a device that will count the number of steps you take. This is usually done by using a vibration sensor. Some pedometers for sale provide a variety of extra features that may or may not be useful depending upon the measurements you like and would like to record.

Depending on the model, pedometers will…

Measure and record how far you have walked in either miles or kilometres. This figure if often more meaningful than, say, 5,000 steps. To compute this, your pedometer needs to know the length of your stride– something that is generally inputted during initial set up.

Compute the number of calories you have burnt. This is a rough estimate normally based on your weight but is an interesting and useful feature for those aiming to lose pounds or inches. For the rest of us, it can be quite interesting to see just how much walking is needed to burn off a bag of crisps!

Time Length of exercise. The American College of Sports Medicine, ACSM for short, recommends 150-minutes of physically demanding exercise every week. Knowing how long your workouts are can help you work toward hitting that target.

Allow you to set goals. Setting goals can be an effective motivator. Some pedometers for sale allow you to program daily activity targets which can help you maintain your new exercise routine.

Average speed. Walking speed is directly linked to fitness so some pedometers will show this measurement during or at the end of your exercise. Walking speed in the elderly is also considered a good sign of functional fitness and longevity potential so this might be a useful feature particularly for older exercisers.

Other things to consider when perusing the variety of pedometers for sale include…

Ease of use — you should be able to access the features rapidly and simply. If you need an education in electrical engineering to utilize a pedometer you will probably soon discard it.

Dependability– a good pedometer must be your constant walking partner so it should keep on working every day. Dependability can be evaluated by checking out customer reviews of the pedometers for sale.

Long battery life– the last thing you need is your battery running out mid-walk so look for pedometers with a long battery life and preferably with a low battery alarm.

Compact and sturdy– a good pedometer will slip easily into your pocket or clip to your waist band and be very discreet enough that you can practically forget you are wearing it. Big, heavy, troublesome pedometers are not ideal. The pedometer must also be sturdy enough to endure a few bumps and scrapes without breaking.

While there are lots of pedometers for sale, by seeking out the features you want and the specifications you need, you should be able to narrow down your selection to a handful of models. Once you have your pedometer, all you have to do is turn it on, get up off your sofa and start walking your way to physical fitness and health.